Desert Gypsy Horse Ranch

Welcome to our Ranch. We love the Gypsy cob (also known as the Gypsy Vanner) and we are excited to share our beautiful horses with you.

About Sherry

Sherry has always had a love for all animals but she found the Gypsy breed especially lovable. Of course their looks were appealing, but it was the temperament and versatility that really hooked her. Sherry is the founder of the ranch. 

Why Gypsy Horses?

Not only are they gorgeous but they are extremely versatile. Our Gypsy do everything our Quarter Horses do plus drive! They are great for trail riding, ranching, 4-h, shows, and even do some reining cow horse. Their exceptional temperament make most Gypsies the perfect partner for timid or novice riders.

About Cheyenne

You could say Cheyenne, Sherry's daughter, was naturally pulled into the Gypsy breed along with Sherry. She has always had a passion for all horses. She is the ranches main horse trainer and is very fond of their wonderful temperaments. 

Our Goals

To produce and train the top show and performance gypsy horses with excellent conformation and disposition according to breed and standard.

Horse Training

We have a limited number of openings for outside horses each year. we are committed to helping you acheive your dreams.

Our Clients

Weather we are helping you with stud service or horse training we put ourselves in our client's shoes to insure the best service possible.


We offer stud services and training to our clients.